Friday, September 14, 2007

My life because of the cross

As I stood on that rugged hill,
I thought, how wicked it would be,
Christ gave his own life for sin's bill,
Yet the world forgot, I can see.

He shed his very own red blood,
And died on that old rugged cross.
Without his Father, all alone he stood,
Yet the world seemed it not a loss.

While on this old cross,
My Lord did cry.
He did the will of his boss,
So with him we won't die.

We can live with him forever
Because of that day ago so long
If we trust him, we will fear never,
And because of him I now have a song.

I'll sing that song through eternity
Because he died on Calv'ry
How greatful I can be
That one day, Him I'll see.

That song I'll sing forever of:
"Amazing Grace How sweet the sound,
that saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now I'm found;
'Twas blind but now I see."

So many songs that it would take,
For me to tell of what all it means
What he did on that cross for my sake
I hope that of what I now do he will be keen.

I will not sing, I will not write,
I do not have the time
I can't wait until his face is my next sight.
So because of this, against him I can do no crime

I cannot tell all that the cross means to me
But Jesus died on that cross for you as well.
I know his face in Heaven I can't wait to see
He died for you, and His grace to you I cannot sell

Accept him today
You'll not be the same
For you I will pray (that)
In that book will be your name.

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