Saturday, March 08, 2008

There Is Hope

5 Million Teens Now Living On The Streets
Many Of Their Lives Are Ending In Cold Defeat
Can't You See Their Is A Cause
Won't You Please Help Us Rebuild The Walls

Our Youth Are Dying Thinking There's No Hope
They Try It All But They Still Can't Cope
They're Looking To Us Please Stand Don't Fall
The Lord Wants You To Help Rebuild The Wall

We Need To Sit Down To Weep And Mourn
And Pray Like Nehemiah, As His Heart Was Torn
And Beg For Mercy--Remember We're Called
To Share Jesus With The Youth--And Rebuild The Wall

Then We Can Rise Up And Show Them Christ
Let Them All Know He Paid Sins Price
The Lord's Coming Soon, Please Give Him Your All
One Youth At A Time--We Can Rebuild The Wall


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