Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just Another Soldier

I stand on a Pedestal you put me here.

You don't know me not even my name.

You call me a hero. I'm no better than the rest.

Many came before me and now lay to rest.

I wear a flag on my arm and my name on my chest.

I'm just another soldier.

I lay my life on the line for my country and this land.

I'm way across the desert fighting in the sand.

My brothers falling around me going home in flag draped box.

Yet I'm still standing solid as a rock.

I will not quit because my brother is gone.

I took my oath I will carry on.

I'm just another soldier.

I know some can't be here though they wish they could be.

I'm here for you my neighbor because freedom don't come free.

Don't worry that you can't be here my true brother or my friends.

I'm fighting in your place.

If I fall down and die don't let them call me a disgrace.

I'm fighting for the politician who gave himself a raise

but won't put on a uniform and join me in this place.

I'm just another soldier.

I will stay till my mission is done or until the war is won.

My family of brothers we will all come home.

For the ones who came before us and those yet to come.

We all volunteered, knew the cost,

and that not every battle would be won.

None is better than the rest.

We just do what we were trained to do.

Some will die and some will come home.

Remember we're all brothers and soldiers to the end.

I'm just another soldier.

The ones that died around me.

They are the heroes that I see.

They gave there lives so others could be free.

Their families cry for them while mine waits for me.

So please don't call me hero.

I'm no better than the rest.

When I die they will bury me in a flagged draped box just like the rest.

Please just don't forget to pin my medals on my chest.

Because I'm just another soldier.

No better than the rest.

Copyright 2005, Bruce A. Harbison, All Rights Reserved
Bruce Harbison is currently deployed in Iraq


Anonymous said...

Hi I am author of this Poem I am no longer in Iraq I served in Iraq from January 2005 to January 2006 I am curently serving in South Korea. Thaks for choosing my poem for your site. I will be visisting your site from time to time.

SGT Bruce A. Harbison

Jim Leslie said...

SGT Harbison, I want to start by thanking you for your service. I truly appreciate all that you have done for me and for our country. Would it be possible to send you a thank you card with a gift for Christmas. I know it will end up getting there late but I am sure that you would look forward to something like that. Please let me know. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

if i had a way to give contact info without posting on web that be fine but because what i do I cant post my email address or address for world to see i need your contact info. thanks for understanding.

SGT Harbison

Jim Leslie said...

I totally understand your point. I did not think of that when I asked for your information. I am only a college student so I do not mind giving you posting my email address. It is jimbleslie@gmail.com . Feel free to email me anytime. If you need or want anything in particular, let me know and I would be glad to do what I can for one of our country's greatest. Let me know. Thank you again for your service and sacrifice for our country.