Monday, December 08, 2008

Volleyball Marathon

The cost of pretty much everything has gone up. That is all but gas. Due to the struggling economy, prices of pretty much everything have sky-rocketed; including fees for school. As a result of this, many Christian colleges are closing their doors in the next few months. This is a sad statement but is true.

Fairhaven Baptist College has not plans to close its doors and is relying on God to keep its doors open. But we would like to extend a request to you to support our college. Through our annual Volleyball Marathon in February, the students of Fairhaven Baptist College put in their part of keeping the tuition low. We would ask that you support us for this special week.

It goes like this, we play volleyball for about 100 hours during this week. Not all of us, the entire time. I would like to ask you to sponsor each of these 100 hours for a specific amount of money. For instance, if you sponsor each hour for $ .10, then you would sponsor for $10.00 total. We definitely accept any size donation. For any donation, we would like to say, "Thank you!" in advance.

It would be my privilege to have you sponsor me for this week. I just ask that you leave a comment for me, with your address that I may send more information to you regarding this fundraiser.

Note: This donation is tax deductible.

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I will have to remind Brad that, LOL