Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Canada 6/10/08 a.m.

We did have a great evening at church. Bro. Stewart preached a tremendous message on having a walk with God. He used the example of Enoch and how that he walked with God because of his family and because of his future. Those were the motivation for his private walk and the message concluded by saying that our private walk with God is evident in our public life. Enoch had preached against the wickedness of the world and that the world needed to repent before the coming judgment.(Jude 14) It is as though the Lord knows that we must be cleansed before he does a work in our midst. We are on the brink of a pouring out of God's blessing. We were talking about the 120 in the upper room in Acts 1. If they all waited and prayed for ten days then that means that they waited and prayed for 28,800 hours. We can say about 28,000 taking off sleep and eating time. If you take the 3,000 that were saved immediately following that on Pentecost and divided it into the amount of hours they prayed, then they spent approx. 9.3 hours praying for each soul. If that was the case back then, how much more must we pray and work for one soul today. Possibly the Lord seems fit to send the outburst of souls, after we are gone. We would like to see it while we are here but if it does not come now, the Bible says, "You reap what you sow!" Harvest time will come. After all, it is for his glory and not our own.

On visitation, I went to the first house and had a great talk with a lady who said she was searching. She has had some Jehovah's witnesses coming over to her house, but was open to the gospel, yesterday. She was willing to have someone from Bethel come back and work with her. I feel that it is important to talk to her immediately, as the devil will use the JW's to try and win her over to them. Please pray that she does except Christ. Another lady that I came across shortly thereafter, said that she had studied religion on her own but had never really come to a conclusion. She said that someone could come by but they would have to talk to her husband who was in the same boat as her, no religion. It is an open door. Please pray for that couple as well.

Yesterday morning, we went to the print shop. I finished up some more of the electrical work which took all morning. Bro. Kevin says that we are almost done moving things around and changing wires and all but it seems as if the list could go on forever. As for the weather, it was another scorcher yesterday. I have not been outside this morning yet. When I got home last night, it began to rain and pour. We had ourselves a good old-fashioned thunderstorm. This morning, I woke up to go run and it was pouring again. I do not think that it went all through the night but you never know. Indiana is under water. What would make us any different. Prayerfully, the weather ha cooled down as we plan to go back to the downtown of London. We plan to go around the noon hour so that we may be able to reach the business people with the gospel as they go out to lunch.

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LuAnne said...

Jim, glad to hear things are going well. Have prayed for both of those ladies.
Mrs. DePriest