Monday, June 09, 2008

Canada 6/7/08 a.m.

It is amazing to see God take someone from the world and transform them into something totally different. Of course, he has done that with all of us but sometimes it seems to be much more drastic of a change. There was a Chinese couple that lives at the university housing and has been coming to church for a while. They are not saved but when they heard that we were going to there housing, they asked if they could go door knocking with us. They went with Pastor Unger and being Chinese it concluded to having good contacts. They are not saved though. Pastor Unger said that it takes an average of about six to eight months to see a Chinese person get saved because they are taught that there is no God while they are growing up. They are taught to be an atheist. We are praying that they will be able to come out next week and hear the Gospel and get saved.

I wanted to tell you a couple of the experiences that I had yesterday. I was able to talk to a young teenage boy for a while. I went through the Gospel a little with him. He had just gotten home from school so he was antsy to go but he said he would love for someone to come back by and talk with him about salvation. On a sadder note, I was talking to a soft teenage boy. He had the most open heart that I have ever seen. I felt as though the Holy Spirit was leading the conversation. About five minutes into the conversation, the boys dad came up and asked what this was. He snatched the flyer from the boy's hand and said, "Were not interested in that." He then slammed the door shut. I was so shocked. I felt so bad for that boy. He will have to live with that thought for the rest of his life. Lastly, I did get to go downtown London last night and was able to talk to a man from Sudan. He was in London for two weeks on break from school in Toronto. He had a clear plan of salvation. I could tell that he was saved. He said that he had not done a good job in it but believed in practical Christianity. As far as living a life that shows your Christianity. I asked if he would take some of my tracts and pass them out. He said, "Just give me a few of them because I have not been good at it and I don't want to waste your paper. I will pass these out though." He took four of them and promised to pass them out. It was a good visit with him right on the sidewalk.

Well, today we are going out for a little bit this morning and then going out again after lunch. This afternoon will be a bit relaxed and then we will be going to Sarah's house at about 5:00 tonight. I am looking forward to it. We are supposed to have a bonfire but I don't know if it is too hot or not to have one. Then we are to play hockey or volleyball or both. I don't know if I am ready to be put to shame by some of these girls.

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