Thursday, June 12, 2008

Canada 6/12/08 a.m.

Everything is going good. I do apologize for not writing yesterday. Not much happened on Tuesday, that is why. I worked in the print shop for part of the morning both Tuesday and Wednesday. I think almost all the work is done. That is the electrical and air conditioning work. There is always something to do at the print shop. Tuesday, I actually got to bind some of the Reformers Unanimous work books. That was quite fun. It was also quite boring, doing the same motion for some two or three hours. You find many different ways to do those motions. I guess that is what a factory job is.

We went downtown London on Tuesday. It began to rain shortly after we got there. I got to talk to one man before the rain came. He was about my age and he was getting his GED. He had dropped out of high school and left home due to some problems there in the home. He was looking for the truth though. I wish that I had more time to talk with him about the plan of salvation but he had to run off to class. He did leave the door open for a return visit in his house. He gave his address and phone number so that we may call before arriving at his place. He did not want us to drive there and not have him home. We left rather early from downtown due to the rain, but once we arrived back at Pastor's house and had lunch, the rain had discontinued. We then went knocking on doors. We did three sets of town houses that were all close by each other. I talked to one young teenager for a while and got to go through the entire story of the crucifixion with him. He said that we can come back as long as his mother is okay with it. That may be the challenge. Sadly, though, I was talking again to a teenager about the Gospel when his father came up and took the flyer from his hand and then slammed the door shut. Oh! how he will reap what he has sown. We got to talking after that of how these parents, especially fathers will pay for not letting their children hear the truth. Let alone the fact that they are the ones that should be teaching their children the truth. What else can you do for those children when their parents close the door. It is strictly the devil working.

The services have been great as well. As I have said, the majority of them were to Christians. They were about giving ourselves totally to God. That is what we lack so much is to be totally sold out to God with no reserve at all. Both Tuesday and Wednesday, we had visitors. An answer to prayer is that a lady named Nicole and her son came out. They were contacted last Saturday I believe by Mr. Stewart in our soul-winning. That shows the direct fruit from our door knocking. Continue to pray with us as we go out one last day, knocking on doors. God says, "You reap what you sow." We are here to be a blessing to this church so if God sends the harvest after we leave, that is okay. We would like to see it now but sometimes God has better times to send the fruit.

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