Monday, June 09, 2008

Canada 6/3/08 a.m.

Yes, we did have a safe trip to Canada. We stopped to pick up Dustin near his home in Lansing. Bro. Stewart, Christopher, Elsa, Dustin and myself all rode together in Bro. Stewart's van. Tony Young and Mike Simmons drove together in Mike's car. There was no problem crossing the border for our vehicle but Tony did not have his birth certificate so they gave them a little bit of a hassle but after a letter was sent by Pastor Unger, they let them go through. Once we got to the church, about two o' clock, we ate lunch at Pastor's house. Then we had a prayer meeting and put together a few brochures that we are passing out this week. Then we went and viewed the print shop and my what a place they have there. They have quite the setup with printers and copiers. Then we ate again. Lasagna for dinner at about five o' clock. Last night we had a good group of people go out knocking on doors with us. It was a blessing. We got a lot accomplished. The main purpose of our canvassing is just to invite the people to the services but a few people had good contacts and visits with some people. I had one descent visit with a teen age boy. He was quite nice but said that he was busy. There are a lot of people from India and muslims as well. We are staying with a family right on the block that we have been and will be canvassing all week. They are a sweet couple. Elsa and her brother and dad came over last night after visitation for a little bit. He is ten yrs. old. Anyways, the couple came over from Jamaica about twenty five years ago or so. They have a great testimony of how they found the church as well that I will have to tell you sometime.

Today, we are going to go over and work in the print shop for a few hours. They are moving all their boxes and things into another unit for storage so we are going to help them. This afternoon after lunch, we will be going out door knocking again.

We had a tremendous day yesterday on the visitation trail. There was a lot of houses where no one was home. At least they are able to see the tract and brochure. I did get to talk to another fellow from Jamaica for a little bit. He was interested until I asked if I could show him some Scripture. I talked with a man originally from South Africa. He moved here so many years ago. He was a Muslim so I told him the story of how Nicodemus came to Jesus by night because he was unsure of what his friends would think of him if they saw him. The man listened intently. Muslims are not the group that you can win in one day's visit. It will take time. I talked with one other lady who had been to Bethel Baptist of Simco. I don't know where that is but it is the church that Pastor Unger had been at originally before moving here to London. I am going to try to find that house again today. Pray that I can.

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