Monday, June 09, 2008

Canada 6/5/08 a.m.

The service was great last night. Tony preached on being a watchman for the Lord from Ezekiel 32 or 33. I don't remember exactly. What is neat about that is that was the same sermon that I was thinking about preaching before Mr. Stewart decided that they were going to preach. It was obviously what God wanted preached. After they were told that they were preaching, i started looking at a different sermon so obviously it was God's will for that sermon to be preached. Mike preached on having our house in order for the return of the Lord. They were both tremendous blessings and encouragements and challenges to me.

Well, today I am going to help Bro. Kevin, Sarah's dad, do some electrical work over at the print shop. The other guys will be working on a book that we are going to put out for new Christians by Andrew Murray. What we are all doing is taking about 5 chapters and making questions from the lessons that we can put at the end of each lesson for the reader to answer. That way they are accounted somewhat for what they read. I did my chapters yesterday while Tony and Mike studied for their sermons, so, Bro. Kevin asked if I could do any handiman work and help him today. Any ways, after that we will be going to the university housing about 20 minutes away an will be passing out tracts there. I look forward to it.

We are all looking forward to going to Sarah's house on Saturday where we will have a bon-fire and then play hockey and capture the flag. That will be fun. The hockey is for Tony. The school was playing Monday when we got to church and Tony wanted to play with them but it was time for lunch so they said that they would get us playing sometime.

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