Monday, June 09, 2008

Canada 6/6/08 a.m.

We definitely are having a great time up here. Time seems to fly by so quickly. I cannot believe that it is already Friday. Yesterday, was same as usual. We went to the print shop at about 8:00 and did some work there. We cleaned out a room full of leftover shelves and other things, then put a shelf up on the wall and lastly began running conduit for electrical wires. I did not get it all done so I asked if Mike S. would be able to come in today and help me finish it. We also went over to the church in the morning and picked up (not literally pick up but rather put in a trailer and truck) a copier and a shrink wrap machine to bring back over to the shop. They are about two miles away from each other so it is not too bad.

After lunch, we went back out to our normal areas to knock on doors. I talked to one fella originally from Jerusalem. He pretty much wanted to argue about why Christians in general have so many different versions of the Bible and how anyone is qualified to translate it. I think that he just wanted to argue. Then I came across this one lady who says she is looking for a church and knew of Bethel Baptist. She said that she will most likely come out next week. She was a nice lady. Invited me in and gave me a glass of water. I was kind of nervous going in because we visit here by ourselves. I just stood in the doorway and she gave me a glass of ice water. Very nice lady. I am praying that she comes out next week.

After dinner last night, we all went over to Western Ontario University and knocked on doors in the university housing. There were so many ethnic groups and it caused quite the language barrier, but we did have quite a few good responses. Pastor Unger met a couple in the complex that he has been working with and they are from China. They are not saved but had asked him if they could go with him when he visited those houses. They went and it opened many doors for their team because they could speak Mandarin Chinese. They should have a good group coming from their apartments next week. Praise the Lord, eh!

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