Monday, June 09, 2008

Canada 6/8/08 a.m.

Nothing great happened in the visitation today for me. Most of the people were not home. It is custom, I guess for Canadians to be out on Saturday morning. There were a few city wide yard sales today and many smaller ones as well. The people that were home were not very hospitable to the visitors to their country. A few cussed me out, and others were just plan rude. Don't they know that I am a visitor. No, not really, they just don't want to here about Jesus Christ which is quite sad. Tony met a Palestinian lady today. She was actually born in Bethelehem and moved over here just a few years ago. There are so many muslims in this area. The majority of the people here are just that. This lady seemed to be one of them, but she was anti-muslim. She said that the muslims in the North America are here because they have been forced out of their countries because they have committed something foolish against their religon or country. That was something interesting that they said. Well, she had a testimony of salvation, but they were not completely sold on that testimony. She did come Sunday morning and said that she will continue as long as she can get a ride. That was a blessing.

After visitation today we went over to Sarah's house with her family and some of the other youngins in the church. We played three games of voleyball and then played hockey for two hours. Those girls put us to shame. Bethany and Melissa are good at hockey. I stayed at the corner by the goal because there is a pride thing in the fact of getting body checked by one of those girls. I think you know what I mean. We lost the first game, but that was a warm up. The second game we won 6-4. That was the only one that counted. After taking some criticism from David and Sarah Unger on how to play, we did have a great time. I tried to ask myself how we could play hockey for two hours, and the only answer that I could come up with was that we were with a bunch of Canadians. Wow! We were exhausted so what did we do? We went and sat around a campfire for a while. We had hot dogs, chips, cherries, cookies, and much more. It was good except for when the dog ate Tony's cookies and drank my milk for the cookies. Well, Saturday was more of a day to relax. We had a great time. These people here are so caring for the work of the Lord. It is always a blessing to see that there are other churches other than Fairhaven that desire to see the work of the Lord furthered with a true earnestness. Oh, that we can see more churches with the same yearning to see souls saved.

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